The One Donuts is a collection of 5000 generative Donuts with hundreds of elements inspired by the Blender Tutorials

Each part of artwork is original, with its own color palette and creation. The objective was to make each Donuts awesome to prioritize art above the rarity

One Donuts Bakery
Key Features
What is One Donuts Bakery?
One Donuts Bakery is a collection of algorithmic, software-generated NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain. Each Donut has its own clothing, glasses, emotion, topping, eye shape, eye color & hat

Rarity Included
Each donut has its own rarity, the rarer certain parts of each items are, the more rare it is considered. Rare items are valued in the NFT collections market, so when you buy a packaged donut, you then have a chance to discover a fortune!
Decentraland Metaverse Plot

Our project want to became the part of the metaverse. We will build the copy of the our bakery in Decentraland Metaverse after the 2500 owned One Donuts Bakery tokens.

Decentraland plot will be our second home and the place where we can chill, talk and stream related to the One Donuts Bakery events!

Also this is will make us the strong project that will be always backed by the virtual estate

Unique Commercial Rights for owners

Actual owners of the One Donuts Bakery have an unlimited, worldwide licence to use, copy and display the purchased art for the purpose of creating derivative works based upon the art!

One donuts Bakery reserves the right to use any character, including: print or digital advertising, or any purely creative media in support of the One Donuts Bakery community and message

The License granted in above only applies to the extent that you continue to own the relevant NFT. If at any time you trade, donate, giveaway, transfer or otherwise dispose of your NFT for any reason, the license granted above will immediately expire, without notice, and you will have no further right in or to the artwork of this NFT.

Community Driven Roadmap

Owners of the One Donuts Bakery have an unlimited power in community and creators are just implementors to the protocol!

They will be decide our roadmap by the proposals & voting in Governance. Our team is ready to execute all the community proposals to keep community strong and floor rising!

We provide inspiring ideas as NFT collectible
Our team offers a large number of different unique or ubiquitous implementations as possible
Community Governance
The method of community management with voting tokens is currently proving to be the most powerful way to manage projects and achieve decentralization

Every owner of One Donuts will be able to vote for this or that innovation in the NFT collection thanks to the availability of voting tokens in the form of ERC-721 tokens
NFT Seed Accelerator
Launching an NFT accelerator to sponsor artists from our community, technical assistance with collection launches, and to generate profits for the One Donuts community

Due to the large number of audiences in the parent project, community projects will be promoted more quickly and spread across the network

Project Roadmap


Small Sale
1500 Mints
1500 Mints
One Donuts Bakery Governance Initialization
2500 Mints
2500 Mints
Launching the One Donuts own Decentralend plot
Our project will became the part of the metaverse. We will build the copy of the our One Donuts Bakery in Decentraland Metaverse.
Community Decided Path
Our community is our core value and we can implement anything our community asks for! We really appreciate what ours has to offer and are excited to build our future roadmap with our NFT owners.